What & Why

We are a daughter and her dad, a duo born at home and nurtured on a steady diet of musical root crops since the days when Shaidri was a wee thing. We pull from the traditional legacy of our historical predecessors, original work, and a great reservoir of contemporary writers’ material to create a special version of acoustic American string band music, one that appeals to many listeners, regardless of age or general musical preferences.

Charlie Prichard pretty much nailed it when he told us, “Y’all have that blood harmony goin’ on”. Good acoustic instruments offer great musical support for inspired singing, and we bring guitars, fiddle, mandolin, and five-string banjo to the party.

We can play for a minute or a mile, and our compact stageprint makes us suitable for any venue with a good listening environment, from living rooms to concert halls and festival stages. A little bit of dancing room is also nice.

We are steadily expanding our sphere of performance, working our way out of Austin TX, aiming to infiltrate the North American roots music scene before actually taking over The World. We have been aided in this effort by our debut album Carry Me Home released on CD and for download by Armadillo Records. This sneaky little recording, produced without headphones or overdubs, has garnered airplay in ten countries and twenty states or provinces, and all without having anyone “working radio”. Every song has received multiple plays. We’re not sure what to make of that, except that we aim to make another album. And hire someone to work radio.

We invite you to catch our calendar and come share our music live, in person. Welcome to our world.