Hank’s Music News | January 2017

Hello, Music Fans!

Yes, I have not issued my “news” in a good while. Technical issues and life circumstances took precedence for a spell! However, here we go again, and I feel I have much good news to report.

First things wanting to come first, here is where I’ll be playing and with whom around Austin this January.

Sunday, January 8 ~ 11AM to 1PM Brunch Music
Threadgill’s Old No. 1
6416 North Lamar Blvd. * (512) 451-5440

The original Threadgill’s has changed its brunch musical offerings to include a wider range of artists. This will be my first “solo” brunch show in the home of comfort food in Austin. My good friend Chris Alcaraz will join me on upright bass. We will pull songs from many genres, including a fair share of originals, and we expect to enjoy our musical freedom.

Wednesday, January 11 ~ 7PM to 9PM
!AH HA! Andrew Hardin & Hank Alrich
Threadgill’s Old No. 1
6416 North Lamar Blvd. * (512) 451-5440

Andrew Hardin and I have an album in the can, recorded in June 2016, and we expect to release it in this first quarter of 2017. We recorded ten songs that we really like, and we recorded them head-on with Merel Bregante in his wonderful studio, Cribworks Digital Audio, in Liberty Hill TX. Of course, at this show we will play for you all of the material on the album, and much more. I am honored to be working with this stellar guitarist and human being. We both draw much joy from this association. For kids our age, we have it going on!

Friday, January 13 ~ 6PM to 8PM
Hank Alrich, accompanying D.C. Bloom
Cafe Mueller – HEB
1801 E 51st St Austin TX

D. C. “David Charles” Bloom is a friend of mine, and an engaging songwriter and performer. He has a way with words, and a wit to match, plus an endearingly sensitive, romantic twist to his work. I have coproduced his new album, Just Another Song and Dance Man, to be released this month, and I think it is his best so far, of five albums over his lengthy career.

Saturday, January 14 ~ 3PM to 4PM
Hank Alrich, accompanying D.C. Bloom
Rush Evan’s The Singer and the Song
KOOP FM “Community Radio”
Austin TX

Rush Evans’ radio show digs into the meat and potatoes of songwriting, presenting artists from all around the USA, and including some foreigners. I always enjoy joining him for a broadcast, and look forward to this one with D.C. Bloom.

Saturday, January 14 ~ 7PM
Hank & Shaidri at the Ham Jam House
3800 Mia Tia Circle Austin TX 78731
For reservations call host Daren Appelt, 512.346.6944

This one is special to us. Daren Appelt is one of the strongest supporters of live Austin music. He probably has no equal in that regard when one considers what he has done for the scene going all the way back to the early 1970’s. His living room is the finest acoustical space in which we have ever performed, and as he will be retiring from house concert presentation after this year, we seriously hope all of you who enjoy truly acoustic music will be able to join us.

We will be accompanied by stellar bassist, Pat Harris, whom we will also employ for our second album, scheduled for recording later this year.

Okay, now we’re departing January 2017 for October 2017!

Saturday, October 7 ~ 7PM
Hank & Shaidri House Concert at Bill Wagman’s
Contact: Bill Wagman (530) 753-3472
Wagman House Concerts, Davis CA 95618

Here is something for Californians in and around Davis CA. Hank & Shaidri will play a few shows “way out West” this year, and this is the anchor date for us. Bill Wagman was the first-ever house concert presenter to book us for a show. Given that he had been doing house concerts for twenty years, at that time, we felt deeply honored to be chosen. For more than two decades Bill has cohosted The Saturday Morning Folk Show on KDVS FM, the college radio station at UC Davis. He gave our first album good airplay, and his followers responded by turning our strongly for our first show with him.

Please join us where and when you can. Playing the music for you is what drives us to drive places! Thanks for your support. It means a lot.

May kindness be our watchword, and cooperation our mantra. May love and laughter prevail. These are trying times. Let us try to make them better, for everyone.

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