Hank’s Music News ~ February 2014

Howdy, Music Fans and Best Beloveds!

This February 2014 edition of Hank’s Music News arrives mid-month as dates and times for showcases in Austin gradually fall into place. As usual we have a passel of showcases under John Conquest’s 3rd Coast Music’s NotSxSW banner, where we are delighted to be part of a stellar crowd of roots and related musicians.

Let’s get into it!

Thursday, March 6 – 8:00PM
Togetherness Tour 2014: Hank & Shaidri with Susan Herndon
“Songwriters in the Round” hosted by Ken Gaines
Anderson Fair
2007 Grant Street, Houston TX 77006
(832) 767-2785
When we attended our first SWRFA conference (Southwestern Regional Folk Alliance) in 2010, Ken Gaines of the Anderson Fair room led a showcase song swap with Susan Herndon and ourselves, wherein the spark of compatibility ignited a joyous bonfire of mutual appreciation, and the rest is history past and to be written. Reconvening that panel, with the addition of Ken’s worthy picking partner, Wayne Wilkerson, will be fun. We’re pleased to make our third visit to this storied Texas songwriter’s venue, where fun food, a fine sound system, and streams of fine new songs make for an enjoyable evening. What a joy for us to have this as part of our Togetherness Tour 2014 with Susan. You’re invited! Bring ten of your best friends!

Friday, March 7 – 7:00PM
Togetherness Tour 2014: Hank & Shaidri with Susan Herndon and Special Guest Bret Mosley
Threadgill’s North
6416 North Lamar Blvd., Austin TX
(512) 451-5440
This is a special show for us as our second annual Togetherness Tour with the marvelous Susan Herndon returns to Threadgill’s North, with the stellar added attraction of Special Guest Bret Mosley. Bret hasn’t played in Austin since 2010 and we are delighted to have him join us for this event. Look for a grand finalé with all four of us on stage singing Woody Guthrie songs!

Saturday, March 8 – 7:30PM Opening for Butch Morgan!
Togetherness Tour 2014: Hank & Shaidri with Susan Herndon
Olmos Bharmacy
At the corner of Hildebrand & McCullough
3902 McCullough
San Antonio, TX 78212
Thanks to the inimitable and irrepressible Butch Morgan we will take our tour to San Antonio for the first time! We love Butch, and we love his music! Great fun awaits us!

Sunday, March 9 – TBA

Wednesday, March 12 – 1:00PM
3rd Coast Showcase * “Not SxSW” Hank & Shaidri with Doug Harman
Amelia’s Retrovogue
2213 South 1st Street, Austin TX
Come join us at Amelia’s Retrovogue for part of your showcasing day! Amelia’s lovely backyard is the perfect spot to enjoy music outdoors among like-minded friends and fellow travelers. This is one of our favorite showcase venues, because it’s outdoors, close-up and personal. Will this be the first time a cello has sounded in Amelia’s backyard? Developing!

Wednesday, March 12 – 7:00PM
A Family Affair: Hank & Shaidri Alrich with Special Guests Doug & James Harman
Threadgill’s North
6416 North Lamar Blvd., Austin TX
(512) 451-5440
This will be terrific musical fun for all of us. Doug accompanied us on cello when we recorded Carry Me Home, and joins us for live shows whenever possible. Doug’s son, James Harman, is one of the finest guitarists anybody has ever heard, and together they offer an outstanding musical duo. When Eddie Wilson learned Doug would be in town with James he jumped on the chance to get them up on stage at the original Threadgill’s. We will close the evening with all four of us carrying on and out in grand style. It has been many years since Doug’s fans have been able to hear him in Austin. We delight in the arrival of this opportunity!

Thursday, March 14 – 7:00PM
Barker House Concerts Presents by Paul Barker
Central Market Westgate
4477 S. Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX 78745
Once again we are honored to part of Paul Barker’s cast of dozens for another round of Barker House Concerts Presents showcases. We’ll be in great company! Last year was our first time to play the new Central Market Westgate stage. We were surprised and thrilled to find an audience of several hundred folks. Clearly, Paul has a stellar reputation for booking a lovely lineup.

Friday, March 14 – 6:30PM
3rd Coast Music “Not SxSW” Girl Friday * The Shaidri Show!
G&S Lounge Music Room
2420 South 1st Street
Austin TX
In his typically heroic manner John Conquest addresses gender inequity in the music business with his annual “all women, all day” showcases. For those of you who’ve been wishing to hear Shaidri sing lead for a whole set this should qualify as a “Special Event”. This will be Shaidri’s third Girl Friday set. Apparently John hears something in her singing! She’ll probably bring her ol’ dad along as sideman, with surprise assistance from Doug Harman and James Harman.

Saturday, March 15 – 12:30 PM
3rd Coast Music Showcase * “NotSxSW”
G&S Lounge Music Room
2420 South 1st Street
Austin TX
And the beat goes on! Playing showcases for John Conquest is more fun that we can describe. His hospitality seems endless, his stamina remarkable, and his taste in music is such that we get to hear many wonderful artists, as well as do our Hank & Shaidri thing. This time we will be delighted to have cellist Doug Harman with us. He did a terrific job on our album and he’s fun and impressive live. You might want to catch this!

Sunday, March 16 – 12:30PM
3rd Coast Music Showcase * “NotSxSW”
G&S Lounge Music Room
2420 South 1st Street
Austin TX
This showcase closes out our run of NotSxSW showcases for 2014. We don’t save the best for last, and we don’t slack off near the finish line! Odds are good that again Doug Harman will join us on cello. Come join us! Have we mentioned that G&S Lounge has an excellent selection of beers and ales? Well, consider it mentioned! This is another side benefit of working under John Conquest’s great big umbrella.

Wednesday, March 19 – 7:30PM
Togetherness Tour 2014: Hank & Shaidri with Susan Herndon @ Shakespeare’s Cove
Returning to Shakespeare’s Cove Hank & Shaidri will again open the evening, and then following a short break Susan Herndon will play a set. At some point we will join her to contribute harmonies and twinkly-heart breakingly-sad instrumental amenities, whereafter we close out as a trio with a few songs from Woody Guthrie.
This is a house concert and therefore you must email Shakespeare to request a reservation. So Click This! <"wmspeare at yahoo dot com">
Shakespeare’s Cove is a very friendly house concert venue in Austin. This venue is a delightful site to play music and to listen to music.

Thursday, March 20 – 8PM
Togetherness Tour 2014: Susan Herndon with Hank & Shaidri
AllGood Cafe
(214) 742-5362
Last year’s Togetherness Tour stop in Dallas with Susan Herndon at Mike Snider’s AllGood Cafe introduced us to a wonderful venue, with a delightful and generous host. AllGood Cafe’s menu, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, appetizers and salads, with a variety of beverages, is a thing of beauty. Mike and his staff obviously like good food and are serious about quality and value. A wonderful sense of camaraderie pervades the cafe. We are excited to be returning.

Friday, March 21 – 8:30PM
Togetherness Tour 2014: Susan Herndon with Hank & Shaidri
306 Phoenix House
306 Phoenix Ave
Tulsa,OK 74127
(918) 576-1430
306 Phoenix House in Tulsa was a fun and heartwarming conclusion to last year’s Togetherness Tour with our dear friend and musical companion Susan Herndon. The entire event was infused with a spirit of family and community, making us feel intimately welcome. We’re ready to feel that way again! Come join us in Tulsa and see what we’re talking about.

Saturday, March 22 – TBA

Sunday, March 23 – 7:00PM
Togetherness Tour 2014: Susan Herndon with Hank & Shaidri
The Blue Door
2805 N. McKinley
Oklahoma City OK 73106
Our inaugural set at Greg Johnson’s legendary Oklahoma City venue last year was an experiential high point for us, and only understatement compels us to say we are extremely excited to be returning to The Blue Door. Many thanks to Greg and to Susan Herndon for getting us back to Oklahoma City, for this much appreciated conclusion to this year’s Togetherness Tour. (And yes, the 2015 TT is already being planned!)

Tuesday, April 1 – 6:00PM
Hank & Shaidri, Guests with Durawa!
Strange Brew Loungeside</strong>
5326 Manchaca Road
Austin TX 78745
We feel honored to have been invited by Ernie Durawa to be a guest artist with his band Durawa, with Will Knaak on guitar and Chris Alcaraz on bass, for a slot in their weekly Strange Brew Loungeside series. Look for this one to be a little more country, a little bit more rockin’ than our usual Hank & Shaidri set! What a way to start April. No foolin’! Thank you, Ernie.

And that’s it for now. Join us where and when you can. Playing the music for you is what drives us to drive places! Thanks for your support. It means a lot.

May kindness be our watchword, and cooperation our mantra. May love and laughter prevail.

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