Togetherness Tour 2014: Hank & Shaidri with Susan Herndon @ Shakespeare’s Cove

March 20, 2014 @ 12:30 am – 3:00 am
Shakespeare's Cove
78704 USA
Will Shakespeare
Togetherness Tour 2014: Hank & Shaidri with Susan Herndon @ Shakespeare's Cove @ Shakespeare's Cove

THE TOGETHERNESS TOUR 2014: Hank & Shaidri with Susan Herndon! We had so much fun doing this tour the first time that we immediately co-committed to doing it again. Returning to Shakespeare’s Cove Hank & Shaidri will again open the evening, and then following a short break Susan Herndon will play a set. At some point we will join her to contribute harmonies and twinkly-heart breaking-sad instrumental amenities, whereafter we close out as a trio with a few songs from Woody Guthrie.

This is a house concert and therefore you must email Shakespeare to request a reservation. So Click This! <"wmspeare at yahoo dot com">

Shakespeare’s Cove is a very friendly house concert venue in Austin. This venue is a delightful site to play music and to listen to music.