Hank & Shaidri and New Year’s Eve Extravaganza

Eighteen upbeat songs from Hank & Shaidri Alrich tonight at The Drunk Brush Wine Bar, as part of the New Year’s Eve extravaganza assembled by the one-and-only Barney Harchis, impressario of NYE’s at the Brush since before there were legends.

Music from 6 pm, Hank & Shaidri at 7:30. We’re gonna play us a hoedown, in good company.

Some guests will be Special, and the Mysteries shall remain so until they assume their own revelations. That’s how mysteries work – either they stay mysterious, or they are not really mysteries.

Kimberly West-Carroll and Tracie Jordan-Nolan wrangling what should be a spirited bar tonight, with Krissy Bauer’s team cooking across the patio, at The Knook.

If the new year does not arrive well, it’ll be its own damn fault.