Hank & Shaidri Alrich ~ Community Picnic ~ Greenville Park

Shaidri and Hank have had few opportunities over the last few years to get out to perform together. Something about living two thousand miles apart, COVID, Dixe Fire, a savage winter – it all adds up to way too much distraction and interference from “real” life. Regardless, having sung together since Shaidri was a little kid and Hank still had hair, they still get right at the heart of all kinds of folk, old-time country, blues, and original songs.

Hank & Shaidri are something special. Expect familial harmony, fine songs both old and new. Expect some pretty decent guitar playing, and spontaneity. Expect to have a good time under the big and beautiful Ponderosa pines at the Greenville Community Park

Thanks to Dan Kearns and the community of Indian Valley from bringing back this family friendly event outdoors in the beautiful Sierra Nevada. As we recover from Mother Nature’s slap into a very different and rapidly changing environment, a community gathering for food, music, and merriment is something to celebrate.

There is no admission charge. Portola Rotary Club will provide free burgers and dogs. If possible bring a dish to share, but most of all, bring your appetite.

Special Thanks! to Plumas Arts, Plumas Rural Services, Indian Valley Community Services District, and The Emotional and Spiritual Wellness Committee of the Dixie Fire Collaborative.