Hank Alrich, Solo @ The Drunk Brush

Thursday, May 17, 2018, I’ll offer my guitar another chance to get out for a couple of hours, at The Drunk Brush Wine Bar on Grover Alley in beautiful greater metropolitan downtown Quincy, California. I’ll either be outside in the courtyard, or inside the wine bar, according the weather supremacy. Last week a little chill in a breeze set me up inside. This week’s forecast of a high of 65°F with a “slight chance of thunderstorms” presages setting up inside this week, too.

Either way I’ll be choosing a sandwich at The Knook sandwich shop, which shares that courtyard.

Come if you can, wherever you are, and/or stay attuned. Thanks to Barbara Newman, Valerie Flanigan, and Steve Smith for this opportunity to find out if ‘TGIF!’ = ‘This Guitar Is Frisky!’ For sure, ‘Thursday Goes Into Friday!’ I’m looking forward to playing here every week I’m home, and this summer that’s mostly. I haven’t been able to do anything like this for years, and I am tickled to have the chance.

If you find yourself wanting to stay over in Quincy, recently voted one of the ten coolest small towns in the USA, consider the Quincy Courtyard Suites, where traveling revelers have often sought the comfort of shelter.