! AH HA ! Andrew Hardin & Hank Alrich ~ Lockhart’s Cowtown Stroll

April 11, 2015 @ 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Free; $25; $30
Economic Development Office, City of Lockhart
(512) 398-3461

Two good guys who are two good friends with two good guitars and a good collection of songs, aiming to have some musical fun in Lockhart, Texas, where terrific barbecue is only a step or two away from anywhere in town. Andrew Hardin needs no introduction, and we leave it to the reader to try to figure out who the other guy is.

Lockhart’s Cowtown Sip, Stroll & Art Walk is one of a number of annual civic events promoted by and for Lockhart Downtown Revitalization. Near as we can figure, this will be an arts and crafts, brews and wines, food and music festival, all for a good cause. Such a deal! You can follow it on Facebook, too.

There will be multiple stages, and both our performance location and set times are TBA. We will play two sets.